"How Much Healthier Could You & Your Family Be Using Natural Products?"

Before I knew a thing about natural products, that's a question I asked myself.

I'd tried all the beauty and skin care products under the sun, searching for that newest miracle product, hoping it would make good on its' promise.


Lash Lengthening Mascaras...
Volumizing Shampoos...
Luxurious Body lotions...
Skin Conditioning Cleansers...

You name it, I bought it and tried it...And eventually tossed it or put it in THE DRAWER... You know the one...(You might have one too?)

"The Drawer of Empty Promises"

But before I go too far ahead, let me introduce myself.

My name is Kate.

I'm a wife, a mom, and a Registered Nurse. It is important for my family and I to use safe, healthy products...so even though I thought we were using "Natural" products I had no idea what "stuff" was actually in them.

"Like, what is Sodium
Lauryl Sulfate????"

So I started digging into what ingredients really were in the everyday products I used...

...And I was startled at how harmful many of them are.
Even some of the ones that market
themselves as Natural Skin Care Products.

I realized that buying Natural isn't as easy as looking for "natural" on the label. And that's how my journey into the benefits of natural products got started.

But the journey hasn't ended.

And that's why I invite you to visit my site often, or just sign up to my
e-zine for updates and info on the latest products I'll be personally reviewing and scrutinizing. Plus I will include some recipes so you can make your own products at home!

The PLACE For Health...The Natural Way



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