What's Been Buggin You??

This issue of Nature is Calling! is all about bugs and how to keep them off you! Mosquitos and other bugs have been at an all time high this year in my neck of the woods, so finding an all natural bug spray has been a must. With so many different kinds of natural bug sprays on the market, how do you find one that works??

My family and I did the product testing and came up with a few different ones that are safe for you and your little ones. This issue also includes a quick video of how effective natural bug spray is on kids. Plus check out some info on sun protection, updates on my website and some great Bonuses for customers this month.

Ditch the DEET

West Nile Virus is on everyone's mind during bug season, so many people reach for DEET products thinking they will protect them the best. While DEET has been shown effective against bugs, research has shown that it can be absorbed into your bloodstream with numerous effects. Those include altering your level of consciousness, neurological issues and significant problems for young children and pregnant women. To find out more about the effects of DEET check out my new webpage by clicking the link below.

Natural Bug Spray

The webpage also includes a few great natural bug spray products that we have found very effective against mosquitos and other bugs.

Another Great Product Review Video!!

Click on the link to watch my newest Product Review on some fantastic All Natural Bug Spray that you can get on my website!!

All Natural Product Review

Lather on the Sunscreen with the Bugspray!

Now that the summer is here, natural suntan lotion is another product to apply before going outside. Again, commercial products contain many different chemicals that absorb into you or your child's skin. Natural sunblock is just as effective as the chemical alternatives and the ingredients are actually good for your skin.

Check out my Sun Care Page for more info about suncare and what natural products worked best.

The Natural Store has some great natural bug spray and sunblock products and for the month of August you can save 10% on all your purchases. Click on the link below to check out this great on-line store.

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