This month's issue of Nature is Calling! focuses on your lips. From the Top Ten Natural Lip Tips, to new Product Reviews, to New Pages on my website, it's all to make your lips more luscious! I've also included shocking info and a short video clip pertaining to the cosmetic industry that once again shows they are more profit driven than consumer safety driven.....and as a Bonus I've left a code for Major Savings with my favorite on-line beauty retailer for all of my readers!

Natural Tips for Your Lips!

There are some great natural ways to improve the appearance of your pucker!!

  • Make sure you are eating a healthy, well balanced diet with plenty of fluids.
  • Look for natural lip balms/lip sticks with ingredients like beeswax, fruit/vegetable butters, Aloe and Vitamin E. With regular application, these products will heal and soften lips.
  • Avoid products with Petroleum, Saccharin, Parabens, Carnuba Wax or Parrafin Wax.
  • Try exfoliating your lips before you apply your product in the morning. Gently rub a soft cotton cloth over your lips, then apply your moisturizing balm, gloss or lipstick.
  • Never go to bed with your lipstick on (or any makeup for that matter). Give your lips a quick slick of balm if they're super dry or leave them to breathe overnight without any product on them.
  • Quick cure for cracked lips: apply a small amount of ghee (clarified butter) or your can also try pressing a cool, already steeped, black tea bag over your lips to increase moisture content. You can also use honey as it's a great anti-bacterial agent as well as a moisturizer.Leave the honey on as a treatment for a few mintues before washing it off.
  • To prevent burnt lips, look for balms containing natural sun block such as zinc or titanium dioxide.
  • Burned your pretty pout in the sun?? Pure Aloe Vera Gel not only helps soothe the burning sensation, but moisturizes and quickly heals your lips.
  • One of the worst habits that cause dry lips is licking them, get into the healthier habit by applying a natural balm regularly.
  • Another big cause for dry lips is smoking. It not only dries the skin on the lips, but reduces the amount of oxygen getting to the tissues, which further dries them out. Not to mention years of smoking adds those tell tale lines around your mouth.

When Did "Use Daily" Become Bad Health Advice???

The Cosmetic Industry should be asking themselves this question when they consider the chemicals they are putting in their cosmetics and personal care products. Are they truly accountable to the consumer when their ingredients are associated with health problems? This short video clip from my local news station briefly discusses just a few of the harmful ingredients that consumers are applying and what the effects can be...

CTV-lead in lipstick clip

What Does the Cosmetic Industry Have to Say About Natural Products??


This industry (including cosmetic manufacturer's) has been preventing policies about naturalizing their products for years. They have remained pretty successful in making their industry a self policing market where they dictate their own safety standards versus the government setting standards.

An example is from decades ago involving a concerned US senator. He proposed a change to the regulation of cosmetics in that there would be a requirement to perform toxilogical testing on products prior to market release. Seems like a pretty logical requirement, hey?? Well, the cosmetic industry lashed back saying the bill would cause "a serious misallocation of the nation's resources." Making sure consumer products are safe for use is not worth the money?? They proposed to self monitor their industry and the government rolled over and agreed.

Another one, from years ago is when the FDA tried to enforce full ingredient lists to be reported on product labels. The industry felt this was "unnecessary" and "too much on the label for consumers." An agreement was reached to partially report ingredients, which is what we currently have today. The cosmetic manufacturer's can use the word fragrance or perfume to hide literally hundreds of ingredients not listed on the label.

One more example is when the US cosmetic's industry expressed deep concern about the strict cosmetic policies in Europe surrounding safety standards. In Europe they don't only report all ingredients on the label, but they also report what isn't on the label so consumers are completely informed and educated. The US cosmetic industry felt that US citizens are less "green" conscious than Europeans and therefore worry less about toxins. They felt that since it wasn't what the people were interested in, they weren't going to report it on the label.

Each of these examples are just a few of the many concerning safety in the cosmetic's industry. With their big dollars behind them, the government has allowed them to make many of their own rules and standards. It is left up to the consumer to be educated and aware of what is in the products they are purchasing and what they are OK with putting in or on their bodies.

The Products that Improve Your Pout

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