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This month's issue of Nature is Calling is all about the best all natural make-up on the market. I've also included several make-up and beauty tips for great looking skin, plus a quick how to video to for the Five Minute Face.

Tips For a Flawless Face

Good quality, natural make-up will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, but the foundation for great skin is the care that goes into it. Here are some easy tips to maintaining great skin and how to ensure flawless make-up application.

1) Try going foundation/make-up free for one day a week to help your complexion. Skin needs a break from pore blockers like creams and foundations to aid in cell turnover and skin recovery.

2) No make-up remover on hand?? Get some some milk out of the fridge and apply it to your skin with a cotton ball. Another great natural make-up remover is sweet almond oil.

3) If you tend to have problem skin, all natural mineral make-up (like Afterglow) can help with skin sensitivities and even skin allergies. The titanium dioxide or zinc mineral in the make-up are natural anti-inflammatories (as well as natural sunblockers). A must have for those with acne, rosacea or eczema.

4) Where do you apply your blush?? Good question! Tip your head over for 30 seconds and slowly lift it back up. Where your cheeks are rosy is the best place to apply your blush. Make sure to blend it well into your foundation so that it has a natural appearance. Poorly blended blush can easily add five years to your appearance!

5) If you only want light coverage, mix a dab of foundation with a dab of light SPF moisturizer for a great sheer coverage.

6) Often the flaws in make-up have to do with poor application. Invest in good brushes like a concealer brush, angle brush and a kabuki brush (for mineral make-up). Check out these brushes that have had rave reviews.

Check out my newest video that outlines how to achieve a Five Minute Face in the morning with some great all natural products.

Make-up Must Haves

I've tested and tried many different kinds of foundation, eye make-up, blush, lip stick and more and recorded the best of the best on my website. Check out these reviews on my Make-up pages.

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