A Dedication to Pregnant and New Mamas!

This month's issue of Nature is Calling is packed full of info for new moms or soon to be moms. My husband and I just had the birth of our second little girl and I wanted to celebrate by dedicating this issue to moms. You'll find great info on healthy, natural products for pregnant and postpartum moms, including how to get rid of that postpartum baby weight and great products for newborns.

Need to Lose Some Post-Pregnancy Pounds?

Many new moms start worrying about getting back to their old jean size as soon as baby arrives, but who has time?? There are lots of great tips for helping to shed those pounds.

1)The biggest tip is getting some sleep. Easier said than done, but the more you get, studies show the easier it is for your body to regulate it's metaboism at a faster rate.

2)If you are able to, breastfeed!! Studies show that women who breastfeed lose at least 4 pounds more than mom's who don't. Check out this Article

3)Even though you need to get the OK from your doctor for starting exercise postpartum, you can start doing simple ones like kegel exercises as soon as baby is born which help strengthen your pelvic floor.

4)Once you're medically cleared, find a great exercise DVD that you can pop in while someone is watching baby or during naptime. You're more likely to follow through with exercise if it's super convenient. I love doing yoga on my Wii Fit once the babies are down for the night.

For more tips and easy postpartum exercise, check out this Link.

The Scoop on Pregnancy Products

Have you tried every stretch mark cream on the market with no success or you can't find a nipple cream that's safe for baby AND helps with cracked nipples? After two pregnancies and deliveries, I have had lots of opportunities to test pregnancy and postpartum products and found what works best and what doesn't.

Stretch marks are extremely common in pregnant women, in fact some studies show that 90% of women get them!! There are tons of ways to help prevent stretch marks, but once they're there you basically have to wait until they fade. While creams don't necessarily stop stretch marks, studies show that applying them twice daily to your belly can decrease itching that comes with stretched skin. Studies have also shown that massaging the cream or oil can help bring better blood flow to your stretched skin, therefore decreasing the burden on your skin. I used Triology Everything Balm through both my pregnancies and I found it definitely helped with itchy skin and my stretch marks are pretty minimal. In the end the best way to prevent those little marks is to gain a healthy amount during pregnancy, drink lots of water and limit your sun exposure to your belly.

If you're breastfeeding you are bound to have some sore nipples. There are lots of nipple creams out on the market, but many of them contain harmful chemicals like petroleum products or lanolin that are not good for baby. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a great Natural Nipple Butter that you don't need to wash off before breatfeeding and is really soothing on sore nipples. I really liked this product, but I have also had great success with expressing and leaving behind a little milk after a feed.

Having a sore bottom is on of the worst postpartum symptoms and I never liked using that water bottle they give you in hospital. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a Spray for your Bottom that is not only helps heal the area, but gives a refreshing cooling sensation when sprayed. It is all natural and contains witch hazel, cucumber extract and lavendar, plus being that it's in a spray bottle it's super easy to use and more sanitary.

Click below for lots of other great prenatal and postpartum all natural products from Earth Mama Angel Baby.


Products for the New Arrival

Every mom wants only the best for her newborn. Whether it's shampoo or diaper cream, it has to work and be safe for babies sensitive skin. A newborn's ability to process chemicals is very limited compared to an adult, so it's safest to stick to natural products for baby. Many moms are suprised at what harmful chemicals are in even the "gentlest" of commercial baby products! Get all the info on the best baby products that I've already tested by clicking here.

Congrats to all the new and soon-to-be moms out there. I hope you enjoy your little one as much as we are!

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