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This month's issue of Nature is Calling gives tips about improving your health with easy natural solutions. These tips include "Foods that Cure", what Essential Oils are essential for your health and a FREE insider's report for subscribers only.

This report outlines the top three chemicals, how to avoid them and also comes with a printable "Grocery Guide" to help you make better choices the next time you're shopping.

Common Cures in Your Fridge

Some of the best ways to cure common ailments has to do with our diets!! A healthy, balanced diet goes a long way to improving your health and using natural products to compliment that diet will only make it better. The reverse is true as well. All the natural products in the world won't have an optimal effect if you have a poor diet.

Many diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure can be managed or cured simply by improving your diet. The article below outlines the top 18 foods that can cure simple ailments from PMS, to migraines to arthritis.

Foods That Cure

Give your Hands a Helping Hand!!

I've been spending lots of time out in the garden this summer and my hands have been paying the price. I admit I am poor at remembering to use gloves, but even when I do, I still find my nails get crusted with dirt and dried out! I'm not looking for a career as a hand model, but I do think I deserve to treat my hands to a quick and easy manicure that cures and nourishes dry skin and brittle nails.

You can use a wide variety of natural oils that will have health benefits for your hands. Those oils inlcude Almond Oil, Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil. Check out this quick video of my mini manicure to see how easy it is to get healthy hands and nails with minimal product.

Essential Oils 101

Essential Oils are like the "Active Ingredient" in your natural products. They are chalk full of health benefits, but which is the best one to choose? Here's a basic list of some common essential oils and what they can do for you.

  • Avocado Oil- awesome oil for skin care proudcts due to its intensive moisture content and anti-aging properties.
  • Calendula Oil- a staple in facial and baby products as it is gentle enough for all skin types.
  • Chamomile Oil- great for sensitive and or inflammed skin.
  • Citrus Oil- (lemon or grapefruit) has natural astringent properties, making it a great cleanser for acne prone skin.
  • Eucalyptus Oil- has powerful antibacterial properties making it a great oil for dental care products.
  • Geranium Oil-contains natural healing properties great for aging skin.
  • Grape Seed Oil- a popular essential oil for all kinds of skin products as it absorbs easily into the skin and moisturizes well.
  • Jojoba Oil- super rich moisturizer used in a wide variety of skin care products including treating stretch marks.
  • Lavendar Oil- this oil's aroma has shown to induce calming properties making it popular in baby products as well as aromatherapy.
  • Nut Oil- (coconut, hazelnut, almond...) Incredibly moisturizing making it great used in boby butters, hair conditioners and foot creams.
  • Olive Oil- a staple in many natural soaps since it is moisturizing and very uncommon for people to react to. A great oil for products that treat eczema, dry skin or skin irritations.
  • Tea Tree Oil- has tons of anti-infective properties making it useful for skin infections and acne treatments. As this is a powerful oil, some people may be sensitive to it.

Get the Scoop on the Top Three Chemicals in Your Everday Products!!!

I've written a great Insider's Report that simplifies what to avoid in your everday products. It also includes a handy PDF "Grocery Guide". Print it, fold it up and keep it in your purse so you can make sure that your are shopping for the healthiest and safest products for you and your family! Click on the link below for this FREE report and enter the password "natural" (no quotations) to start downloading.


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