Take a Look at What's Lurking in
YOUR Bathroom...
You'll Agree That
All Natural Body Products are
the Healthier Pick

Let's say you don't own any all natural body products. So when you get in the shower how many "chemical laden" body products do you use....conservatively, let's say 3 or 4....

what about when you get out of the shower?

How many products now??....
...maybe more??

Our bodies (and hair, teeth, nails, etc.) are porous and absorb the good and the bad like a sponge.

By the time you leave the bathroom your body is a walking cocktail of chemicals containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Fragrances and Petroleum bases.

(to check out all the great body products I've reviewed including tooth care, deodorant, lotion, soap, nail care and feet scroll to the bottom of the page and start clicking!!)

If You Can't Pronounce It, You Probably Shouldn't Let Your Body Absorb It!!

There are many companies that make natural body products that are safe for your body. Look for the following when you are shopping for all natural body products...
(There are many, many other chemicals to watch out for when shopping, but these ones will get you started without being overwhelming!)

1) free of SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
2) no Parabens
3) no Petrochemicals
4) no Phthalates
5) no Chemical Fragrances or Perfumes
6) no Formaldehyde (you'd be surprised what it is in)

Many of these chemicals have shown to be harmful in a wide variety of studies. Health hazards can be as mild as a skin irritation and as serious as altering your hormonal balance!! Several ingredients have also been linked to cancer and organ toxicity. Discover the dirty details of the chemicals in your products and what they do to your body

Well Then, You Ask, What Is Safe to Use?

With all the risks of using chemical filled products, who wouldn't want to nourish themselves with healthier alternatives?

There are many all natural body products out there that fit the bill for clean!

...And taking out those detergents, preservatives, fragrances and fillers does NOT mean that it doesn't work as well.

Click on the links below for the best rated natural skincare products. From soap, to lotion, to toothpaste, I've personally tested it and found out what works and what is just hype.

Natural Deodorant Products

Natural Toothpaste Products

Natural Nail Care Products

Natural Foot Care Products

Natural Lotion

Natural Soap

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