My Favorite All Natural Hair Styling Product!!

I recently tried a pomade type of all natural hair styling product and fell in love. I've never tried pomades or waxes before, but thought I'd give them a try. Here's some background info on this kind of styling product.

Many commercial hair styling products contain a multitude of chemicals including alcohol. While not really a chemical that can cause health problems, alcohol in your hair can dissolve the natural oils and dry out the hair shaft. This results in dull, limp, frizzy hair. A natural hair styling product will work with the natural oils in your hair and use that to build body and shine into the hair shaft.

A pomade is thick and contains oils that help form a "molded" hairstyle. It can achieve a great look for shorter hair styles as well as define and separate curls in longer hair styles. The downfall of many commercial pomades is that the oils are made from chemicals and can clog the pores in the scalp as well as the hairline. Some people even find that any hair that falls onto the face can cause acne!

When I came across John Master's All Natural Hair Styling Product, I gave it a try. This texturizer's natural tangerine and castor oils soften and smooth hair. It has a wonderful, rich scent to it, is easy to use and didn't clog pores in my scalp. I found it great to define and separate my curls and my mom, who has shorter hair found it helped to style and add texture to her hair as well.

If you are looking for a true styling wax like pomade, John Masters also makes a hair pomade from olive oil and bees wax. It is effective in creating the texture for short hair styles and can also be used to finish and smooth longer hair styles.

Pomade can be a unisex product since it's great for short hair styles for men or longer hairstyles for men (or vice versa). If you want to decrease the product clutter in the bathroom, this would be a great all natural hair styling product to try.

Hair Styling Tips and Tricks

There's a couple cheap tricks to maximizing your use of these natural hair styling products.

  • 1) Throughout the day if you want some extra lift or to style your hair going from day to night, wet your hands with a little water. Use your wet fingertips to add some more bounce or shape to the crown of your head and your good to go!
  • 2)Whether I'm using my styling product on wet or dry hair, less is always more. Using extra product doesn't do the job better, it just adds extra product for your hair to absorb!
  • 3)The health of your hair will largely dictate how well the product works on your hair. Using a natural shampoo and conditioner as part of your hair routine will go a long way to creating a great base for "stylable" hair.