Toss That Hazardous Hairspray and Reach for An All Natural Hair Styling Product

Do you look for an all natural hair styling product when you are canvassing the aisles in the grocery store for hairspray, mousse or gel?

Sadly, most women don't, despite the multiple studies that demonstrate health hazardous, especially with hairsprays. Many women use a combination of different hair styling products hoping the cumulative effects will be glossy, voluminous hair that lasts all day. Instead you end up with brittle, dry, frizzy hair that falls flat shortly after coffee break.

Why then do so many women spend so much money on products that don't work anyways??

I'm convinced that if more women (and some men included) were aware of the dangers of many hair styling products, their use would definitely decrease. Making the switch to an all natural hair styling product will give you peace of mind as well as healthy, voluminous hair.

So That Haze After I Spray
My Hair Isn't Good For Me?

You Bet!!

The particles floating around after you aerosoled a layer of spray on your hair is also floating in your lungs!! Those particles can contain cancer causing chemicals like PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) and Phthalates.

PDB is another chemical in hairsprays that will not only accumulate in your lungs, but in your home for many months.

Next time you are in a grocery store, read the warnings and the ingredients on the back of an aerosol hair spray can. It's surprising all the cautionary notes manufacturers have to put on their products....and that's only what they legally have to post. They are missing a ton of other warnings like allergic reactions, asthma attacks, skin irritations, lung problems and other more serious accumulative effects.

As a side note, these studies have shown high hazards with use over an extended period of time. So it's not overly risking your health to spray occasionally for a special event. However, if you are a regular user (more than a few times a month), read on for a better all natural hair styling product.

What About Mousse or Gel??

While you don't have any particles dispersed in the air with mousse or gel, there are still some hazards with commercial brands.

Mousse products contain chemicals like Isobutane, Propane, Butane and Propylene Glycol. All have various health effects if used over time.

Gel products contain other chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, DMDM Hydantoin (a fancy word for formaldehyde) and PVP. All have accumulative effects as well, including cancer.

All in all, it is far safer to use a good quality natural hair styling product.

Give Your Hair a Lift With Natural Hairspray

One obvious step to take when trying to go with a natural hair styling product is to avoid hairsprays with aerosol. That eliminates many of the harmful effects of hairsprays.

Beauty Without Cruelty strong hold hairspray is great all natural hair styling product for up dos and those who need stay put hair. This product really does make hair stay put, so if you only need hairspray for light everyday styling try opting for their Regular Hold All Natural Hair Styling Product.

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