Why Natural Acne Products Work

It's not just teenagers that suffer from acne, everyone can.....

And reaching for natural acne products will be better for your body in the long run. Why??

Commercial acne treatments are full of harmful ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid or Tricolsan, as well as the usual suspects in commercial products, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Dioxins and Phthalates.

  • Triclosan, a preservative, has been well documented to be associated with cancer and hormonal problems.
  • Salicylic Acid helps slough off layers of skin and has been shown to dry out the skin, cause skin imbalance and leave skin at higher risk to burn in the sun. It has been banned in products in many countries, but is still in many commercial applications in the US and Canada.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide is a bleaching or drying agent that can strip the skin of it's natural oils, leaving redness and irritation in it's place.

To find out more about these and other harmful chemicals in your everyday products, check out my Glossary.

What Cause Acne??

There is much debate on the actual cause, but there is tons of info on what may contribute to it.....

Surprisingly, Dirt is rarely ever a culprit. Having a "dirty" face may add to the issue, but dead skin cells and oils that build up in hair follicles or glands will usually result in acne. Many people mistakenly think that if they have acne they need to cleanse more often. In fact over cleansing will strip the skin of it's natural oils, signaling the body to produce more oil which gets built up and the cycle continues.

Keeping the skin clean with a balance of oil production is key to achieving healthy, clear skin. This is can be achieved by using a natural acne product. Many people that use commercial acne products get stuck in this cycle. Once they start using the product they find it starts to clear acne, then when the body adjusts it's oil production, the zits come back bigger than ever and you either up your product use or switch to a new product. The end result is costly on your health as well as your wallet!

Another reason for acne can be hormonal. Up to 50% of women suffer from acne at some point in their lives!! Whether it's puberty, post-adolescence, pregnancy, menstrual cycles, menopause....etc, hormones are fluctuating frequently and so is the amount of oil production. If your body is currently undergoing hormonal changes, then using commercial acne products containing Triclosan, Phthalates or Parabens will only contribute to hormone disruption. Natural acne products can definitely address hormonal acne, without the added harm in commercial products.

What Can I Do to Balance Out My Skin?

A great natural acne product by itself won't be the complete cure for acne. Because acne is a symptom of some kind of imbalance you need to restore balance on the inside and outside.

  • Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis will help the kidneys flush out toxins, extra oils and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Eating a healthy diet containing plenty of fruits, vegetables and complex carbs is essential to a balanced production of oil. Plus vitamins and minerals in healthy food adds to the resiliency of your skin.
  • Green Tea (and white tea) is a great way to naturally detoxify your body and it has also shown to help with hormonal imbalances.
  • As always, sleep is an important factor in the body's ability to balance itself out. 8 hours is optimal.
  • A little sun (20 minutes unprotected exposure each day) is great, but "tanning away your pimples" will only accelerate aging and skin damage.
  • Make sure you are exposing your skin to CLEAN fabrics. Bacteria will accumulate easily in used washcloths with excess oil, dirt and skin cells. Make sure you wash your facecloths, towels, sheets and pillow cases regularly.

What Products Actually Work??

In combination with the list above, I have found some great natural acne products that will keep your skin clear. Nature has made some essential oils that naturally lend to acne treatment. Geranium Oil, Manuka Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil are staples in natural acne skin care product lines. As well ingredients like Avocado and Aloe Vera will aid the skin in healing and protecting itself.

Just Naturals makes a great Natural Acne Products Line that treats current acne, prevents future acne and nourishes your skin. This natural product company is one of my favorites and time and time again their product deliver what they promise. One of my husband's favorite products he's used in their acne line is the Acne Body Soap. It is gentle and moisturizing while being tough on stubborn body acne.

A cutting edge way of treating acne is also cutting edge technology!! No No! Acne Treatment System uses light wave technology to treat the pimple for results within as little as 12 hours. This system is growing in popularity worldwide because of it's awesome results. To read more about this new technology click on the picture below

Derma E makes an awesome multi-tasking skin treatment that fights acne, bug bites, fungal infections and the list goes on. It's a must in your medicine cabinet even if you are not battling acne. The great thing about this product is how simple and natural the ingredients are, just Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil. You don't get much simpler than that. They also make a great line that specifically targets acne too.

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