Love Your Baby Naturally With Natural Baby Products

Natural baby products are one of the first natural products I completely switched over to once I learned about commercial baby products. Over the last several years many moms have become alerted to the numerous chemicals that commercial companies are putting in baby products. Commercial companies have reacted by putting "Natural" or "Gentle Formula" on their packaging to make moms think they are buying safer products....but what is really in baby products???

Many baby products contain chemicals like Quaternium-15, Sodium Lauyrl/Laureth Sulfate, Fragrance, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate (Lauric Acid). These chemicals are associated with a wide variety of issues such as skin irritation up to cancer. Some recent studies are also contributing development of childhood allergies with exposure to these and other chemicals in baby products.

Many commercial baby product companies go by the theory that while the chemicals may be harmful, they dilute them with water, so in fact the products are then gentle enough for babies. As a mom, I have a tough time buying that. If these chemicals are classified as a health hazard to humans, we shouldn't be diluting them and putting them on our babies.

As I've discussed before, cosmetic companies (baby products included) have different safety standards and are basically self regulated. Chemicals are put out in the market and deemed safe until proven otherwise. Unlike drug companies, who need to undergo rigorous trials and safety standards to prove safety prior to market release, cosmetic companies can "test" ON the market.

As moms and pregnant moms become more educated about commercial cosmetic companies, many are reaching for natural baby products as the safest alternative for their babies. Being that babies, children and pregnant women frequently have lower immune systems than a healthy adult, they are more at risk for chemical exposure. I have become in the habit of reading all ingredient lists before purchasing anything that comes into our home. Definitely seems daunting at first and you feel like you are learning a different language, but practice makes perfect. Even baby products that say "natural" on the packaging can have un-natural ingredients in them that may be unsafe for baby. This makes label reading even more important.

Hopefully I have made it easier and less over-whelming by reviewing several completely natural baby products for you and your baby. Click on the links below to find some great natural baby products reviewed by me and my baby.

Natural Baby Shampoo

Natural Diaper Cream

Natural Baby Lotion

Natural Baby Soap

Also check out this website for homemade baby recipes that include how to make your own baby wipes.

If you aren't game for making your own, I use Boogie Wipes when I'm on the go with the kids. It contains saline and is unscented. Although it's not completely natural, they are great even on my youngest one's sensitive skin and they will last a long time sitting in that diaper bag.

I also have done tons of web searching and reading research papers on various common "baby issues". Check out these links below to find out more about how natural products can treat these common problems.

Cradle Cap Remedies

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