Keep Tub Time Healthy With Natural Baby Shampoo

Using natural baby shampoo is a great way to keep baby's hair and scalp clean, but do you think of it as part of the safety precautions you take during tub time? Keeping baby safe in the tub is something every mom thinks about and plans for. Think about when you get baby ready for a bath....

  • You have everything you need by the bath so you don't leave baby's side
  • You might lay them on a bath pillow or sling so their head is above water.
  • You may have some slip protection in the tub to prevent falls if they are a little older.
  • Some moms have spout protectors to prevent bumps and bruises if they crawl around the tub.
  • You keep by baby's side the whole time they are in the tub.

But, does part of your bath safety include natural baby shampoos?


With the slack standards for safe ingredients used by commercial baby product companies, mom's should be aware of the possible health hazards they can be exposing baby to in the tub. Baby shampoos can contain Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrances, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate and the list goes on. This can contribute to health risks like skin issues, hormone problems, and even cancer. Also there is a growing trend of eczema and skin allergies which some research is finding may be due to these kinds of chemical exposure.

Many Natural Baby Shampoos are still gentle on baby's skin and eyes while keeping tub time happy and healthy.

So What is Really in That Tear-Free Commercial Shampoo?

Maybe your have heard about the chemical in Tear Free Formula Shampoo that basically coats the eye with a anesthetic (numbing) chemical so babies can't "feel the sting" when it gets in their eyes?

This rumor has made it's way around circles for years, but only has a very small bit of truth to it. Mostly what makes some baby shampoos "tear free" is that it is diluted enough that the chemicals are hardly felt by the eye. Other factors are that the PH is lower than regular shampoos and may be less irritating to eye tissue and generally less irritating chemicals are used. The one factor that makes this controversy exist is that certain chemicals (surfactants) are used to "counteract the eye stinging" but is not considered an anesthetizing agent (numbing agent).

Ultimately, tear free formula shampoo isn't really much different than other commercial, un-natural baby shampoos. They all contain many or all of the chemicals I have discussed and are still the same risk to baby. Many natural baby shampoos are diluted with water as well and use gentle and natural essential oils that are less irritating to eyes. Some of these natural companies use the "Tear Free" on their packaging as well, which is fine as long as it lacks the chemicals that many commercial companies use in their tear free formulas.

When using natural baby shampoos, I still keep the product away from my baby's eyes. The few times some has dripped in she hardly seems to be irritated by it and her eyes have never reacted.

With all this info, it seems natural to start using natural baby shampoo.

What Shampoos Are Best To Use?

I've tried several different natural baby shampoos on my little girl. I tend to stick to the one-product-for-everything motto in the tub and opt for a shampoo and body wash in one.

My favorite is not one of my affiliates, but I'm recommending it anyways. Check out RSMC baby shampoo The foam comes from the pump itself, not chemicals so you can keep one hand on baby in the tub. It has a great natural lavender fragrance to it and I can smell it on my girl all throughout the day.

Another great baby shampoo is one my mom introduced me to by Avalon Organics Baby Shampoo. It is "tear free" due to diluted natural ingredients, is very gentle on my little girl and doesn't dry her skin out. Plus it's a shampoo and body wash in one to cut down on products in the tub.

A New natural baby shampoo I've been using is by Earth Mama Angel Baby. Again, it's a shampoo and body wash that comes in a handy foaming pump dispenser. The foam is made mechanically from the pump, not by chemicals and lets you keep one hand on baby while bathing. This product has a very mild scent and is super gentle. I hadn't met a product that could top Rocky Mountain Soap baby shampoo, but this definitely gives it a run for it's money!


For any of those moms who have a newborn with SUPER-SENSITIVE or problem skin, this body wash is perfect!! My newest edition breaks out in rashes really easily, but we've had no problems with this natural baby shampoo.

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