Without A Natural Cosmetic Product, You Are Layering
On the Chemicals!

With all the harmful chemicals in cosmetics, I expected there to be many natural cosmetic product lines made by manufacturers. In my search, I found just a few companies that opted out of the masses of chemicals that commercial manufacturer's put in their cosmetics.

Those chemicals include Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol (AKA anti-freeze), Tetrachloroethylene, Petrolatum, Aluminum Powder, Fragrances, Triclosan, and the list goes on and on. These chemicals have been associated with a wide variety of health issues including skin irritations, hormonal problems, neuro-toxicity and cancer.

Please see my Glossary for further info about these and other chemicals.

Americans spend approximately 22 billion dollars a year on cosmetic products and many believe that the government spends lots of time making sure those products are completely safe to use.


The safety standards of cosmetics with the FDA pales in comparison to what prescription drug companies do to prove safety with their products. Drug companies must "prove" safety before a drug is put out for sale. Cosmetic companies can make products and if the FDA can prove it is harmful then measures are taken. Those measures might only be to put a warning on consumer products about safety issues. With a small FDA cosmetics budget and little staff, the cosmetic companies are rarely taken to task with their products and as a result they make their way into your home.

Interestingly enough, many chemicals in cosmetics are also used in factory processes or in industrial areas. An example is propylene glycol. Many workplaces have strict policies around spillage and exposure risk when working with propylene glycol and is often considered an environmental hazard if spilled in large enough amounts. Yet it is in many, many cosmetics applied to our skin with no warnings whatsoever.

You as the consumer are left to educate yourself on what is good for you and what isn't. This is the primary reason I started this website, not just to review great natural cosmetics, but educate people on what is harmful in commercial products.

Looking at all this information points to one solution.....

Finding a good quality natural cosmetic product line that keeps you safe while enhancing your beauty.

But I LOVE My Lash
Lengthening Mascara!!

Most women have mascara as a staple in their daily makeup routine. Understandably so, since thick dark lashes make you feel sexier.

Yet in researching this beauty product, I was amazed at how many harmful chemicals manufacturer's pack into that little tube! Your eyes absorb much of what is put on it, so there is pretty high hazards with applying harmful chemicals so close to your peepers. Some of these ingredients are Aluminum Powder, Polyparabens, Fragrances, Mineral Oil, Tars, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Ammonium Salts which can result in a huge variety of health issues. Many mascaras top the lists of containing some of the most harmful ingredients in cosmetics.

With these potential health risks, mascara from a natural cosmetics line is a must if you wear it even on a semi-regular basis.

Get A Naturally Flawless Face...Naturally!

I've tried many, many different foundations, mineral makeups and powders over the years. The ones that did cover up my flaws, ended up making new ones. I have finally found a couple of natural cosmetics products that do what they say they do.

The Afterglow natural cosmetic product line has proven to be a winner for me. Their line has been a favorite in Hollywood and even with Oprah. It gives great coverage that lasts all day, even when I'm outside. Plus I find that I use way less of it to get full coverage in comparison to other mineral lines like Bare Minerals.

You can try their Natural Cosmetics Trial Pack that includes 2 colors of mineral foundation, blush, translucent powder, baby kabuki and concealer brush.

Or you can just buy the full size foundation. Afterglow Natural Cosmetic Product.

*Tip* I found that I am normally the lightest shade available, but needed to go one up to the Ivory shade in this line.

Another great by the Afterglow Natural Cosmetic Product line is their Concealer. It contains aloe which really aids in healing. Superb for anyone wanting to cover acne spots, under-eye circles, age spots, etc.. Since my skin's balance has improved with using natural facial products, I find I rarely use this as much as I used to. Just for the odd blemish or those under-eye circles after a long night up with the baby!! But when I need this product, it definitely delivers better than any natural cosmetics concealer I've used.

Another great natural cosmetic product line I've tried is by Suki. Their Tinted Moisturizer doesn't give as full as coverage as Afterglow natural cosmetic products, but leaves your skin soft and dewy. It only comes in a couple shades, but you can custom it to whatever shade you want by adding a bit of natural moisturizer. It makes this product great for those whose skin color tans/fades throughout the seasons.

My mother also trialed this product with me and really liked it. She finds that mineral makeup powders can sit in fine lines, but this natural cosmetic product glides over lines and doesn't emphasize them.

Natural Lips and Eyes Too

Afterglow All natural Mascara definitely rivals some of the most expensive mascaras I've tried (umm $42..huge mistake!!). Thickens lashes, but keeps them soft and I've rarely had it flake or smudge. Plus my eyes can be pretty sensitive and they've never reacted to this all natural mascara. One downside is that it isn't waterproof, but then you would be buying non-natural.

Afterglow Lipstick left my lips really soft and hydrated and I only needed to re-apply it a couple times throughout the day. (just after lunch and coffee). The color came off very easily and didn't stain my lips like many commercial brands.

Also this line's Natural Cosmetics Lipgloss is a staple in my purse as well. Keeps shine and color on my lips with minimal re-application. Plus it didn't make my lips stick together like some commercial brands do. One complaint of the lip gloss is that it doesn't come in a large enough variety of colors, but I found the one I liked and I've stuck to it.

Also check out my newly my updated reviews on great products for lips and eyes!! Just click on the link below!

Natural Makeup for Eyes and Lips

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