Battle Body Odor With Natural Deodorant Products

The average deodorant found in your grocery store is FULL of chemicals. Using natural deodorant products not only effectively neutralizes your underarm odor, but has natural oils that soothe your skin as well. Plus all those harmful chemicals aren't absorbed into your skin.

Smelling fresh is important in today's society and few people venture to leave the house without applying the basics like deodorant. Unfortunately many people aren't aware of the health risks linked to Aluminum salt filled deodorants.

Those risks include links to Alzheimer's disease, Respiratory problems and Neurological problems. Studies have shown that this chemical can accumulate in the body. There are multiple other kinds of chemicals in deodorants as well, like Butane, Chemical Fragrances, Parabens, Triclosan and Proplyene Glycol, each causing further potential harm.

I Use Anti-Perspirant... Is that Better??


Many experts agree that antiperspirants can have even worse effects. It is designed to effectively stop the escape of sweat (and odor) from the body by clogging your underarm pores with Aluminum compounds.

With this little shield in your underarms the chemicals have no where to go but into the skin, as well as all the lymph nodes which are located right in your armpits. Lymph is a nutrient rich fluid that travels all over the body.

All in all, antiperspirants have most of the same harmful chemicals as deodorants, they are just designed to clog the pores and trap the chemicals under the skin.

With all these risks posed, you can breathe easier knowing that there are natural deodorant products out there that help rather than harm.

Selecting your Natural Deodorant Product- Made Easy

Natural crystal deodorants are becoming more popular and many different natural brand companies are carrying this natural deodorant product. "Crystal" is made from mineral salts, also known as Alum. I know this sounds like aluminum, but they are completely different substances. Alum particles are large, too large to be absorbed by the skin. They instead create a barrier preventing bacteria growth, which is what causes that funky body odor smell.

Look for crystal deodorants with Clary Sage, Lemon Oil, Cypress or Pine to combat strong smelling body odor. If you have sensitive underarm skin, find ones with Geranium, Lavender or Cedarwood. To moisturize your underarms and help with razor burn, use deodorant with Aloe, Witch Hazel, Patchouli or Eucalyptus.

Weleda Sage Deodorant provides an excellent crystal deodorant that is naturally scented and 100% natural. Because it's in a spray form, my husband and I both use it.

Body Crystal's natural deodorant products are all natural crystal deodorants that come in stone or stick form. They are very reasonably priced and have a long track record for quality products.

There are many other natural deodorant products that use various kinds of essential oils to help with underarm issues. One good one is
Aubrey Organics. They have different types containing Vitamin E, Lavender and Aloe to address specific concerns.

Making Your OWN Personalized Deodorant at Home

Personalized All Natural Spray Deodorant
2 tsp. zinc-oxide powder
2/3 cup witch-hazel extract
2 tbsp. aloe-vera juice
30-40 drops essential oil

Mix all ingredients together (will look kind of milky) and store it in a light sensitive container (to extend shelf life). Can be stored in a refrigerator (for a cool, refreshing feel) or your bathroom shelf.

Note: Refer to the product selection article earlier in the page to figure out which essential oils would be best for you.

Spray deodorant liberally to CLEAN, DRY underarms. Allow to dry before dressing.