What, You Can't Put Diaper Rash Cream on Open Areas....Like a RASH???

Well...you can put Natural Diaper Cream on open areas like a rash, but regular commercial diaper cream???


It's true! Many commercial diaper cream companies put warnings on their packaging stating that it is not to be used on open areas. Ummmm...isn't that why you're putting on the cream in the first place???

Their warning is necessary though. Some of the common ingredients in diaper rash cream are not meant to be applied to open or abraided skin. Some of these ingredients are Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Boric Acid, Lanolin, Nitrates, Parabens, Urea, Propylene Glycol and Fragrances. There is also contamination concerns like Ethylene Oxide, Arsenic, Lead, Heavy Metals and 1, 4-Dioxane.

Please see my glossary for more detail about these and other chemicals. These chemicals can cause moderate to severe skin irritation (exactly what you are trying to avoid with diaper rash cream) as well as hormone problems, and allergic reactions.

It seems counter-productive to use chemicals in a diaper cream that can actually make the rash worse!! As well, many diaper creams contain glycerin which is not really a harmful chemical, just less effective as a diaper rash. Glycerin will pull moisture from within the skin to leave the outermost skin moisturized.

With all these chemicals used in commercial diaper creams, no wonder many moms find their babies are having re-current rashes or rashes that never go away.

A good natural diaper cream will "feed" the skin with moisture and use a barrier ingredient to protect it as well.

Does a Natural Diaper Cream Work Without All Those Chemicals??

Many, many moms have had much more success with mild to moderate diaper rash when they use a natural diaper cream. They contain less ingredients than commercial brands and use natural ingredients like bees wax, lavender and sweet almond oil to sooth and protect baby's bottom.

I've had many mom's tell me that they still use natural diaper cream throughout severe bouts of diaper rash. These moms just keep the diaper off as much as possible to allow in air and soak their baby's bottom in warm water several times a day. They have found super strength creams or prescription creams only add to the problem.

In my own experience, my little girl only had a moderate rash at worst and was completely manageable with natural cream and lots of time to air her bum. I did find that when she was first born, she was sensitive to every commercial cream I tried. Once I started using natural diaper cream, her skin has been fine.

What Is the Best Diaper Rash Cream You've Used??

I've used tons of commercial and natural diaper creams, but I definitely have a favorite. Erbaviva is by far the best diaper rash cream I've used to date. It is completely natural, creamy, doesn't cake and easy to apply. It also has a wonderful, mild, natural scent that makes diaper changing slightly more pleasant!!

I've found this cream seems pricey, a little goes a LONG way. So don't over use it.

A close second to the best diaper rash cream is Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm Angel Baby Bottom Balm

It contains calendula, olive and jojoba oils as well as shea butter and it has worked well on my little girl. The plus for this product is that because it contains organic St. John's Wort it is effective on lots other things too like cuts, scrapes and burns. I have even used it on my stretch marks and small scars with great success. The price is a little higher than Burt's Bees, but worth it if you use it as a first aid tool too.

Homemade Baby Powder Recipe

I don't normally use baby powder, but if I run out of diaper cream I use this in a pinch and it smells great. One note though...don't use if your baby has a fungal diaper infection. The cornstarch can feed the yeast and make the infection worse.

Mix 1/2 cup cornstarch (or arrowroot powder) with 5 drops of lavender oil in a bag. Break up clumps in bag until completely blended. Transfer to shaker and it's read to use.

*Tip* The lavender oil infuses better if left overnight or at least for a few hours to combine with the powder.

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