Feet are Feet...
Do They Really NEED a
Natural Foot Care Product?

Your feet are always on the go. A natural foot care product will treat your feet the right way.

They endure high heels and tight shoes, they accumulate bacteria and sweat throughout the day and rarely breathe enough. Many people believe that the health of your feet are an indication of the health of your body. All the more important to make sure that the lotions, oils and butters we are rubbing on them are chemical free and work hard to soothe dry skin and tired muscles.

Just like the rest of your skin, much of the product put on it is absorbed into your body. As many people suffer from dry or even cracked heels they tend to slather on the product to absorb through the dry skin.

Unfortunately many foot care products contain glycerin, which while safe, will pull moisture from within the skin to soften the outer skin. This perpetuates the dry feet cycle! Other common ingredients in commercial foot products are Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Petroleum Products, Fragrance and the list goes on. These ingredients are associated with everything from skin irritation to hormone problems to cancer. Check out my Glossary for detailed info about these and other harmful products.

A quality Natural Foot Care Product will not only keep your feet feeling relaxed and soft, but safe from harmful chemicals.

Nothing Has EVER Worked For My Dry, Cracked Heels

I hear you!!

It seems like with all the products on the market for feet, less people would suffer from dry, cracked heels. But, just the opposite!! Many people have this problems year round.

Like I said earlier, glycerin may very well contribute to the cycle of dry feet, so products that don't contain this ingredient is a plus. This isn't very easy as many products, even natural foot care products, contain glycerin.

I have suffered from dry, cracked heels for many years and have only found one product that has worked. Trilogy makes a a balm called Everything Balm Natural Foot Care Product. I use it on dry elbows, hands, lips, feet, on my baby's dry skin in a pinch...pretty much anywhere that needs moisture. This balm is great because it is so versatile. If you check forums about this natural foot care product, someone is always coming up with a new use for it. I use it daily on my feet and also for a foot treatment overnight. This has kept my heels soft even though summers of wearing flip flops.

(for a great natural spa foot treatment check out my at home recipe below!)

Your Own Foot Spa At Home!!

A great treatment for tired aching feet after a long day is only minutes away and not a drive to the spa!!

I soak my feet in this treatment a few times a month and follow up with slathering my feet with Trilogy's Everything Balm, putting on a soft pair of cotton socks and leaving the oils to penetrate my feet overnight.

Put marbles or small round rocks in a bowl of warm water. Add ten-fifteen drops of your favorite essential oil. I use lavender and lemon for their skin softening and antibacterial properties. Roll the marbles or rocks around under your feet, massaging the muscles. Let your feet soak until the water cools and dry thoroughly. Apply your natural foot care product, cover with socks and leave overnight.

Another great way to relieve tired feet is to massage them with your favorite essential oil while you're watching TV. Make sure they are clean before hand. Pay special attention to your arches and in between your toes. Tight, cramped toes lead to poor arch support which leads to achy feet. Use your fingers to spread your toes apart and loosen those tight muscles.