Avoid the Dangers of Dyes With
Natural Hair Color Products

Whether you're covering grays or you just don't like what nature gave you, natural hair color products are a beauty staple for women and men alike. Many experts agree that commercial hair dye is one of the worst beauty culprits for harmful chemicals. Studies show multiple risks of regularly dyeing your hair with chemical laden coloring products.

Many experts recommend that if you choose the chemical filled products to minimize your colorings to maximum 4 times per year. Tons of people use dyes more than that...
...especially if they're covering grays. So what are these users being exposed to???

"The Dirty" on Hair Dye Products

When I started researching this topic, I was surprised to find that many experts believe that semi-permanent and permanent dyes in dark hues (black being the most harmful) posed higher risks than lighter hues.

Most commercial and salon dyes include chemicals like ammonia, bleaching agents (for lightening), peroxide and PPD. PPD is linked to cancer forming genes. Many natural hair color products have tried to eliminate all or some of these harmful chemicals to make the process less harmful.

Some more common symptoms of dye use are allergies, skin issues (including the scalp) like eczema or rosacea, hair loss or thinning and eye injuries (including blindness).

Studies are linking use of these dyes to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Bladder cancer, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow), Ovarian cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This all refers to long term use of dyes averaging greater than 10 years and/or more than 4 times per year.

This may seem like it's just pertaining to a small percentage of the population, but it is becoming extremely common for people to dye their hair well into their 50's, 60's and 70's.

With all this collective research, natural hair color products are making their move in today's market as a safer alternative.

What CAN I Use to
Cover Those Pesky Grays??

There are a few different types of natural hair color products that serve a variety of needs.

DON'T be fooled by the slick advertising of big manufacturer's!!

They can put a "natural" or "organic" label on hair dyes that still contain harmful chemicals. Try to look for brands that don't contain, ammonia, peroxide or PPD.

One good example is "Clairol Natural Instinct". A semi-permanent product that doesn't contain ammonia, but does include PPD and peroxide (in lightening shades). Not a substantial risk if used occasionally, but has potential health risks over time.

Naturtinit is a common natural hair coloring product on the market. It does contain peroxide (for lighter colors) and SMALL amounts of PPD, but no ammonia. The plus of this dye is that while it has a small amount of chemicals it covers grays more gently than your commercial comparable.

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color Products is a semi-permanent dye that doesn't contain PPD, Ammonia or Peroxide. A great product to consider if you are dyeing your hair while pregnant or nursing.

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