Why Would You Fake it,
When You Can Have it All With
Natural Nail Care Products

After reading about what chemicals you are lacquering on yourself, you may consider natural nail care products as a safer route. Manicures and Pedicures can come with a price if you don't consider them carefully
.....and I don't just mean the bill at the end of your spa visit.

There are a variety of side effects from acrylic and gel nails that may make you think twice about going "fake". Acrylic nails cover the natural nail bed. The chemicals in the adhesives can dry out the nail bed and cause it to peel, possibly scarring your nail bed permanently. Thus perpetuating the need for fake nails!

Gels nails, while generally a safer route, can still cause a lot of drying around the nail bed and tips of the fingers, giving bacteria and fungus a great place to hide! The "curing" process results in tightening around the nail bed and can cause the skin or nail bed itself to dry out and crack.

Many hospitals have policies against health care workers having acrylic or gel nails due to high risks of carrying infections.

The Verdict

Always better to leave your nails Au Naturel, but applying acrylics or gels for special occasions isn't a substantial health risk.

Is It Safe To Paint My Nails At Home Then???

Yes and No.....

While there are many harmful chemicals in nail polishes and/or polish removers, there are more natural nail care products offered that have "reduced" chemicals.

Don't be fooled by "organic" or "natural" nail polishes. So far in the nail industry, the chemicals needed to make a polish aren't natural.....and while there may be organic ingredients, they aren't all organic.

However using polishes without Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate or Formaldehyde are a step to a healthier manicure or pedicure. This is especially something to consider carefully if you are pregnant. Many studies have shown accumulation of chemicals in newborns that were exposed in utero.

What Kinds of Nail Polish Should I Use?

There are a few different less toxic kinds of natural nail care products on the market that you can use instead. Water based nail polish, like Aquarella Natural Nail Care Products , are free of phthalates, formaldehyde and toluene....and because they lack lots of these harmful chemicals it doesn't make your nails weak, discolored or brittle with long term use.

Some drawbacks....because the polish is water based, you need to apply at least two coats to achieve a bright color...however if you just want a natural looking hue for your nails a couple coats will do.

Scotch Nail Color delivers a long lasting wear and even though it is water based as well, you need to apply less coats to achieve that bright color. I linked to my favorite color, morning glory, but there are plenty of others to pick from.

Drawbacks- it tends to run a little higher on the price point than Suncoat natural nail care products.

If you want to give yourself a quick mini-manicure, check out this video on the best all natural way to improve the look of your nails and hands.

Click here for more info on the products in the video.

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