Why is it so Important
To Use Natural Skin Products
on My Face?

Natural skin products reveal the full beauty of your face without layering on chemicals. Your face is the first thing people see when they interact with you. Think of your face as a first line of advertising for how healthy and nourished your body is. Wouldn't you rather actually HAVE healthy, balanced skin than chemicals that try to make your skin look clean and flawless.

So what is all those layers of chemicals on your face doing to your health?

Good Question!

Many studies are showing that the layering of chemicals, such as the face, places a burden on your health. In fact this phenomenon is now being called Chemical Burden. This means that each chemical by itself isn't necessarily really harmful, but when combined with multiple other chemicals they can interact and cause un-intended harm.

Think about your facial routine at morning and/or night.....

  • facial cleanser
  • facial toner
  • facial moisturizer
  • eye cream

Not to mention the facial masks, anti-wrinkle treatments etc. that you may also add to your routine. All of the chemicals in these products added up can result in a variety of health issues. Many of these products contain Parabens, Acrylates, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Nitrates, Fragrances and the list goes on. These chemicals are implicated with a huge variety of issues from skin irritations to hormone problems to cancer.

Want to know more about these harmful chemicals? Check out my glossary for more in-depth info.

Switching to natural skin products for your face is something I highly recommend. Since cleansers, toners and moisturizers are something I use everyday, the risk is too great using chemical laden products. I have found that natural alternatives are often even more effective than the commercial chemical varieties and the health of my skin has improved over a relatively short period of time.

What Will Make my Face Look and Feel Healthier??

In one word.....MOISTURE.

For a large majority of the population, especially those in Northern climates like me, people are lacking moisture in their bodies. This results in the face becoming unbalanced in how much oil it produces. Resulting in oily, dry or combination skin. Overtime, skin will become stressed and more sensitive (commercial chemical products can only make this worse!). Stressed skin is less protected from environmental exposure and can result in thinning, premature aging, acne, over drying and the list goes on.

Good natural skin products will not only moisturize your face, but balance it as well...giving the support your skin needs for cell turnover.

Don't forget that a healthy diet with plenty of water is what your skin needs from the inside to do the same thing for the outside. Think of nutrient rich foods and water as part of your skin care routine.

So What Natural Skin Products Should I Use?

I have tried many different kinds of natural skin products. I have found many that work well, but none as well as Dr. Hauschka's line. Even through hormone filled pregnancies and months of nursing, these natural skin products were able to keep my skin balanced.

Dr. Hauschka's trial pack is a great way to trial this extremely popular line before buying the full size versions. No pricier than quality commercial varieties, Dr. Hauschka provides proven quality and nourishment, making it one of the best natural facial care products. This line is used by many celebs and used on many, many movie sets to give stars flawless faces.

I have also used the moisturzing mask in this line and I love it. Gave my skin a great pick-me-up in the dry winter months.

One possible drawback to the Dr. Hauschka line is that it's day moisturizer has no SPF protection. This relates to the controversies of natural sun care. See my Suncare page for the full scoop.

If you want a great moisturizer that has SPF protection then the best natural lotion and skin care product I've used is Triology's Natural Skin Products day moisturizer. It contains a natural sun block derived from zinc that hasn't been broken into nano-particles (this makes it less likely for the zinc to absorb into your bloodstream). It also works as a great base under your make-up.

Downside??? If you're out and about all day you would have to re-apply (just like any other sunscreen product) or use a hat to shade your face.

I find it easier to just use a great natural skin product without SPF and shade my face if I'm out. I still use a sunscreen on unprotected skin and
re-apply often if I'm outside.

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