Is Every Pregnancy Product Good for You??

You might assume that every pregnancy product is safe for a pregnant women and her baby, but sadly that's not true. Many commercial brands that are marketed as "pregnancy and baby products" are full of harmful chemicals that can affect both you and your unborn baby.Some of these chemicals include Triclosan, Phthalates, Petroleum based products and many more. To get the full scoop on chemicals in your everyday products check out my Glossary.

What Can I Do About It Now???

Ok, so you're a mom, but you're baby hasn't been born yet. How do you protect that bundle of joy until it arrives. The best way is to substitute some of your commercial products for natural pregnancy health products. Some of the easiest ones to swap out are the same ones I reccommend to anyone who is wanting to make the switch to healthier body products. Think of the top three products that you use virtually every day. For most people that is


Deodorant and

Soap. (facial or body soap)

These products are easy to replace with natural ones and make a big impact over time. If you use perfume regularly then that is something to think about replacing as well.

Commercial toothpastes, deodorants and soaps are filled with chemicals like....
Triclosan (found in deodorant and linked to cancer)...
or Phthalates (found in tons of products and is linked to reproductive problems) and the list goes on. Not only that, but many of these and other chemicals are in baby products too. All the more reason to make the switch early and gradually move your household to a safer, natural one.

Pampering During Pregnancy

Every woman deserves a little pampering in the spa or salon during their pregnancy, especially since those visits will be fewer once your little one arrives. How do you protect yourself (and your growing bump!) from all those chemicals that salons and spas use? Very few spas have anything labeled as a pregnancy product so you need to know the risks going in.

  • Hair Dyes are filled with noxious chemcials for you and baby. If you can't get your hair dyed either before or after your pregnancy, think about just getting highlights only. While there are still many chemicals in highlights, the exposure is significanly less than full hair dyes. Check out my hair pages for more info on hair dyes and what is safer as a pregnancy product.
  • Outside of pregnancy, there are risks for infection when getting your manicures or pedicures and the consequences for infections in pregnancy go up...BUT let's be real....

    ...Are you going to be able to reach those toes with a big bump in your way??? Some practical things to think about is do a little digging ahead of time. Most states or provinces have government health and safety inspection websites that do routine checks on not only restaurants, but salons and spas too. Check your spa out on-line to make sure they have a history of disinfecting all equipment and using the proper safety precautions.
  • If you want to reduce chemical exposure at salons, bring your own nail color that has reduced amount of chemicals. Check out my nail pages for cute colors that are safe as a pregancy product.
  • If you are a salon junkie, then consider reducing your visits by doing what you can on your own during your pregnancy. Baby gets exposed to what you get exposed to.....and the less, the better!
  • Studies on just born babies have found TONS of chemicals in the umblicial cord (your baby's life line during pregnancy). Nine months isn't a really long time to make a few small sacrifices that can have a lifetime of effect!

    How Much Is This Going To Cost Me??

    OK....I suggest taking my advice and looking into practical ways to reduce chemicals during your pregnancy, but don't lose sleep over it!!

    Many moms get sucked into buying EVERYTHING labelled "pregnancy product" on the shelves and end up spending lots of money for a short nine month stint in their lives.

    Many companies, even natural ones, are capitalizing on the pregnant woman, so you need to know what is necessary and what is just hype.

    Click on the links below to find out what pregnancy product is worth purchasing for ailments or issues and which pregnancy health products are not worth the hype.

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